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Sydney Tutoring

A² Tutors exists to help students change the path of their lives.
Our private and group tutoring services are catered to students throughout primary and high school, so we can support children no matter their level or their specific needs.

With our hand-selected pairings and 100% Tutor Match Guarantee, we’ve seen fantastic successes with a wide variety of students, and we’d love to help your child discover their potential with our Sydney tutors.


Group Tutors

If your child has a group of friends that could benefit from tutoring in Sydney, our tutors are more than capable of working with multiple students at once. While keeping the lessons fun and engaging, we encourage students to work together to learn as a group.

These sessions can be hosted via Zoom, or at a local library.

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English Tutors

English is an essential skill for any student, but not always one that comes naturally. Our Sydney English tutors can help to break down the topics and themes in a way that makes
sense for your child, whether they’re just getting started or looking to ace their High School Certificate.

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Private Tutors

Our private tutors offer one-on-one tutoring for a dedicated, personalised session every time. We will hand-select a tutor based on your child’s needs, location and availabilities, and
they will work create a report at the end of each semester that covers the student’s achievements, areas for improvement and overall attitude.


One-on-one tutoring in Sydney is available either in the comfort of your own home, or at a
local library.

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Primary School Tutors

If your child is falling behind in school, a primary school tutor may be able to help them to not just catch up, but regain any confidence they may have lost in their abilities.


patient, highly skilled tutors can assist with a wide variety of topics for all ages.

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Maths Tutors

Our math tutors in Sydney are adept at working with students at all levels, from primary school through to the senior years of high school. We can work with your child to focus on a particular area that’s been challenging them, or on general math skills that can help them to build their confidence in the subject as a whole.


High School Tutors

In high school, some children will excel in some areas while they fall behind in others. Our high school tutors can step in wherever needed to help your child to catch up, either with private lessons or in a group setting with their peers.

Why Choose A² Tutors For Tutoring in Sydney?

A² Tutors offers professional, patient and friendly tutors in Sydney. Our system of hand-selecting the right tutor for each student helps to ensure that we can meet your learning needs and style every time.

Plus, our 100% Tutor Match Guarantee means that even in the rare case that our tutor is
not the right match for the student, we will re-assign a new tutor for a better fit.

Book Your Tutoring Session With Us Today!

Ready to help your child take the next step on a learning journey? Our Sydney tutors can
make all the difference when it comes to building confidence and improving grades.


Contact our friendly team today and let us know what you’re looking for to get started.


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