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Get to know who we are

Our Primary and Secondary Tutors share a common mission. That is the key to how we make our difference.

Primary School tutoring


To inspire all students to love to learn again, gain their confidence back and achieve academic success.


To instil confidence in our students, and change the path of their lives.

High School Tutoring
Our Culture


Read what our tutors and clients think about the culture at A² Tutors.

Private Tutoring


What We Live By

Everything we do as tutors, from communicating with clients to assessing students, is done in alliance with the values below. We strive to live by these values in all aspects of life.


We are honest with all stakeholders, and always keep our word, whether it is beneficial to us or not. We act honourably, no matter who's watching.


What you put out comes back at you in abundance. We are understanding, patient and grateful. There is an abundance of work; we put the students' needs first.


We communicate as clearly and honestly as we can. We are real about how we feel and express ourselves without criticism or manipulation.


We are constantly learning and looking at different perspectives as opportunities to discover ideas outside of our own. We are not always right, and welcome new teachings.


We practise with a growth mindset, taking ownership and responsibility of our actions, whilst viewing mistakes as a pathway to improvement and success. We accept challenges, and develop as a person through effort.

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