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Sydney Primary School Tutors

At A² Tutors, we are dedicated to guiding young learners on their educational journey. Our specialized tutoring services for primary school students in Sydney are designed to cater to the unique needs of this age group, ensuring personalized attention and support for each child.


With our expertly matched tutors and our 100% Tutor Match Guarantee, we have a proven track record of success in helping young students excel. Join us in empowering your child to unlock their full potential with the help of our skilled Sydney tutors.


Group Tutors

Group tutoring can be an excellent way for primary school students in Sydney to learn together. Our A² Tutors are skilled in engaging young minds in a group setting, ensuring that each child benefits from collaborative learning while having fun. We offer these group sessions in various formats, including online via Zoom or at local libraries, making it convenient and accessible.

These sessions can be hosted via Zoom, or at a local library.

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English Tutors

English proficiency is crucial from an early age, and our A² Tutors specialize in teaching primary school students in Sydney. We focus on making English learning enjoyable and relatable for younger students, helping them grasp fundamental concepts and develop a love for the language, whether they are beginners or preparing for higher-level challenges.

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Private Tutors

Our private tutors offer one-on-one tutoring for a dedicated, personalised session every time. We will hand-select a tutor based on your child’s needs, location and availabilities, and
they will work create a report at the end of each semester that covers the student’s achievements, areas for improvement and overall attitude.


One-on-one tutoring in Sydney is available either in the comfort of your own home, or at a
local library.

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Primary School Tutors

Our primary school tutors at A² Tutors are experts in helping young students in Sydney overcome academic challenges and build confidence. We cover a broad range of subjects and cater to each child's unique learning pace, ensuring they receive the support and encouragement they need to excel in their studies.

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Maths Tutors

Our math tutors in Sydney are adept at working with students at all levels, from primary school through to the senior years of high school. We can work with your child to focus on a particular area that’s been challenging them, or on general math skills that can help them to build their confidence in the subject as a whole.


High School Tutors

For primary school students preparing for the transition to high school in Sydney, our A² Tutors can provide valuable support. We offer tutoring that not only covers current academic needs but also prepares students for the challenges of high school, ensuring a smooth and confident progression in their educational journey.

Why Choose A² Tutors For Tutoring in Sydney?

A² Tutors offers professional, patient and friendly tutors in Sydney. Our system of hand-selecting the right tutor for each student helps to ensure that we can meet your learning needs and style every time.

Plus, our 100% Tutor Match Guarantee means that even in the rare case that our tutor is
not the right match for the student, we will re-assign a new tutor for a better fit.

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Ready to help your child take the next step on a learning journey? Our Sydney tutors can
make all the difference when it comes to building confidence and improving grades.


Contact our friendly team today and let us know what you’re looking for to get started.


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