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Melbourne Tutoring

A² Tutors is a professional tutoring service in Melbourne, where our goal is to help students
change the path of their lives.

We work with students as young as four years old and up to the age of 18, both in one-on-
one private tutoring sessions, or in groups with their peers. We can help them to improve their confidence and their grades in a specific subject or across the board.


Group Tutors

Does your child have a friend or group of friends that need extra support in their learning journeys? A² Tutors is happy to offer group tutoring, especially if you feel that your young
one would learn best when with their friends.

For convenience, we are happy to host group sessions online on Zoom, or we can meet groups in a nearby library to your location.

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English Tutors

Our English tutors can help your child sort their verbs from their adverbs, discover the fun in Shakespeare, and learn how to structure an essay. There are many areas to cover across primary school and high school, and our supportive, friendly tutors are more than capable of helping students reach those goals, no matter their needs.

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Private Tutors

One-on-one tutoring in Melbourne provides your child with personalised, dedicated sessions that best suit their needs. We work to create a supportive, engaging environment that matches their learning style and preferences to give students the best chance of

Our private tutors can work with students in the comfort of your home, or at a local library.

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Primary School Tutors

Primary school is a vital time for a young child’s development as they discover their favourite subjects, strengths, weaknesses and confidence in their own abilities. At A² Tutors,
we work with younger children to support their learning and approach to school in a way that fosters growth and works best for them.

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Maths Tutors

Maths can feel like rocket science for some students, which can lead to a loss of confidence and interest in the topic. Our Melbourne maths tutors know exactly how to demystify the subject, whether they’re working with the youngest learners, or students working towards their Victorian Certificate of Education.


High School Tutors

High school is crunch time for many students trying to earn good grades and start thinking about career goals. Whether they are falling behind in one subject or several, or would simply like to improve their already-strong grades, we’ll hand select a tutor that best
matches their needs.

Why Choose A² Tutors For Tutoring in Melbourne?

A² Tutors is a reliable, supportive, and fun service for children in primary school and high
school. Aside from our many shining reviews, one of the ways we stand out is with our 100%
Tutor Match Guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with your tutor for any reason,
we will happily re-assign a new tutor for a better match.

Book Your Tutoring Session With Us Today!

Our Melbourne tutors are ready and waiting to help your child thrive at school. Our
professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results are all testament to the dedication we
have to seeing the next generation succeed.

Contact us with any questions at all, or let us know what you’re looking for in a tutor to get


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