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The 5 Most Useful Resources As A Tutor

Updated: Feb 20

Find out which websites are our go-to for tutoring resources. The better the resources, the higher the lesson quality (and the happier the clients)!

Using the right types of resources for your tutoring lessons is fundamental to the learning and knowledge acquisition of your students. By simply popping onto Google, you will find an abundance of high quality resources that have been designed and created by qualified teachers and educators across the globe. There are an overwhelming number of sites, apps, and products, and locating the best ones to help you create lesson plans or a tutoring approach can be a time-consuming chore. Often, this wide range of choice can leave a tutor feeling confused.

So, which resources should you use? This blog is written to share with you our 5 most useful resources as a tutor, allowing you to save time and skip past any low quality resources.

  1. Twinkl

If I could choose a resource King, Twinkl would be it. Designed for primary and high school tutors, Twinkl’s mission is to “help those who teach.” Twinkl gives you access to high quality, creative and engaging teaching materials in seconds – it’s the perfect timesaving aide. Twinkl has resources for students from Kindergarten to Year 10, and provides you with a range of resources such as detailed lesson and term planners, engaging PowerPoints, and an abundant selection of fun worksheets. Simply put, a Twinkl subscription will help you regain control of your time.

Twinkl also links its resources to the syllabus outcome that is being achieved, allowing you to keep track of your student’s progress against the NSW syllabus.

  1. Teachstarter

Teachstarter is another fantastic online resource for tutors, providing you with a comprehensive library of teacher created, curriculum aligned and editable worksheets, teaching presentations, Google Slides and more! Keep your lessons interesting with the engaging activities and powerpoint presentations for all Key Learning Areas! Teachstarter also takes things to the next level by providing you with whole Unit and Lesson Plans - giving you weeks of teacher-created content that aligns directly to the NSW curriculum!

  1. Pobble

Put simply, Pobble provides everything you need to teach writing. Pobble supports the writing process from start to finish. It combines unique, high-quality content, with cutting edge digital tools that support formative assessment. You’ll find everything from the best teaching resources and ready-made lessons to planning, publishing and moderation tools. One of the best features of Pobble is its WAGOLLs (What A Good One Looks Like). This is another word for model or exemplar texts, and any educator would know that they are not easy to come by! On Pobble, you’ll find thousands of ‘real-life’ examples of children’s writing. It’s the world’s largest bank of children’s handwritten work, searchable by age, genre or topic. Ideal for exemplification, finding ideas and lesson inspiration.

Pobble also has longer, themed based lessons that cover vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and a range of genres of writing, as well as shorter, objective-based lessons that cover everything from apostrophes to question marks. So, if you’re teaching writing, Pobble will be your best friend.

  1. LitCharts

This resource is essential for any high school English tutors. LitCharts is a digital platform that provides access to key information on over 400 titles with the goal of helping kids develop a better understanding of literary texts, supplementing their analysis and supporting them in completing academic assignments.

It is extremely easy to use, with interactive features such as sortable quotes, data visualisation, as well as a colour-coded Themes Key. Another major benefit of using LitCharts, is that they have downloadable PDF’s with the same information that they have on their website, but in a beautifully designed chart-based format that's easy to print and share (perfect for tutoring lessons).

  1. Class Mathematics

Class Mathematics is the go-to website for any high school Math tutor, bringing you easily accessible Maths resources, fine-tuned for the Australian curriculum. On Class Mathematics, you will find over 10,000 questions with fully worked solutions, Year 12 past exam papers with answers and worked solutions, eBook downloads with curriculum aligned content years 7-12, as well as video tutorials for improved understanding.

Another fantastic feature of Class Mathematics is its Quiz Builder. This allows tutors to save time by using the drag and drop quiz builder, or to insert their own questions! The quizzes can then either be printed or sent to the student, who can then submit their answers through the portal. Easy!

There you have it, our 5 most useful resources for tutors. The quality of the resources you use improves the quality of your lessons, and therefore, the progression of your student. To learn how to use these resources effectively, and improve your practise as a tutor, read our blog on our 10 Tips To Be A Better Tutor.

Want to get FREE access to these resources, and increase your student load, or start your tutoring journey? Contact us today on 0481 180 222!

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