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English Tutors in Sydney

Whether your child is lacking in confidence and falling behind or looking to improve their skills and get ahead, our English tutors in Sydney can help. 

This subject area is so important for success throughout primary and high school. Strong English skills are also a great tool for anyone throughout life, whether in communicating at work to applying for new jobs. 

Our tutors can help to build and improve those foundational skills for children and teens across Sydney. 

Private English Tutors in Sydney 

One-on-one tutoring is one of the most effective ways for a child or teen to learn. 

Tutors can take the time to create lessons that are perfectly tailored to both the student’s learning style, and their existing level of comprehension and skills. 

Additionally, the student and tutor can form a close relationship, helping the student to feel more comfortable asking questions. In a classroom setting, some students may feel too shy or embarrassed to ask for clarification in front of others, and therefore miss out on valuable learning opportunities. 

Group Tutoring in Sydney 

Do you have a group of students who need an English tutor in Sydney? A² Tutors is more than happy to work with multiple students at once. That could be siblings, a group of friends, or even several children from the nearby area. 

A group tutor is better able to attend to the individual needs and learning styles of each student than a classroom teacher due to the size of the group. Tutors can really get to know the students and help them feel more comfortable and confident in asking and answering questions.  

High School English Tutors 

English can be a challenging subject as students move into high school. 

They will need to be able to write strong essays, not just for their English classes but for many subjects. They will also need to be able to discern themes and symbols in literature, and so much more. 

Our high school English tutors are adept at helping students to grow their confidence and abilities in these areas. These skills are so important for high school, tertiary study, and day-to-day life, that a tutor can make a genuine difference to any student’s learning journey. 

Our 100% Tutor Match Guarantee

We know that the right match is essential for a student’s success. 

First, we take great care to find the best match for your student. We don’t just assign whichever of our English tutors in Sydney has the availability, but whichever one may be best suited to the student personally. 

However if, for whatever reason, your child simply doesn’t gel well with their tutor, we will be happy to find a different match. 

This is our 100% Tutor Match Guarantee, and it helps to ensure that personality clashes or learning styles don’t interfere with the success and happiness of your child. 

Why Choose A² Tutors for English Tutoring? 

A² Tutors is a trusted, professional service for English tutoring in Sydney. We believe in helping students change the paths of their lives, and our friendly, experienced tutors work hard to do so every day. 

Explore our testimonials to see what other happy clients have said about our work, or contact us with any questions to get started. 


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