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Maths tutors in Sydney 

Maths can be a challenging subject for students at any level. The rapid pace of learning, paired with the variety of concepts and tools, all on top of work in other subject areas at the same time, and leave any student struggling. 

On the other hand, some especially bright students may find their current education too easy. Such students might prefer to learn at a higher or more accelerated pace than their classmates. 

In either situation, Sydney maths tutors can offer personalised, professional help. 

Primary School Maths Tutors

Primary school is a foundational time for any subject, especially one as important as maths. Students who fall behind at this level may lose their confidence in the subject and continue to struggle into their teens. 

Experienced maths tutors can help to change that path. With patience, proven teaching techniques, and wide-ranging knowledge, our tutors can help students to rediscover their interest and confidence in maths. 

High School Maths Tutors

High school is an important time for students as they aim to get the best grades possible before tertiary study or entry into the workplace.

Whether your student is struggling in maths, or are already doing well but want to be doing better, our high school maths tutors can help. Our skilled professionals are adept at making complex topics seem clearer and simpler, giving your child the tools they need to improve. 

Private Tutoring in Maths

Some students struggle simply because they are too shy to ask questions, or because the teaching techniques that work so well for others simply doesn’t stick for them. 

One-on-one tutoring can make all the difference. A private tutor can quickly ascertain which areas are challenging and which learning styles work best for a student, then create a lesson plan to remedy those challenges. 

Group Tutoring Options

Group tutoring is a great way to assist multiple students at once, whether that’s a group of friends, neighbours, or several siblings. This can be an ideal way to help students feel comfortable with a tutor outside of a classroom, while still offering the benefits of one-on-one time. 

Why Choose A² Tutors For Maths Tutoring?

At A² Tutors, we provide the skills, tools, and knowledge that children and teens need to succeed in maths. However, we also take our lessons a step further. 

As well as the basic subject knowledge, we instil healthy habits for study, scheduling, and self-care. This helps to ensure students carry those techniques throughout their schooling and on into their careers. 

Additionally, private and small group tutoring helps to build relationships between students and teachers. This personal connection allows the tutor to tailor lessons to each student, and to make those lessons more enjoyable. 

If for whatever reason your tutor is not a great fit for your student, we encourage you to let us know so we can find a better match. We know that students won’t learn as well from someone they don’t ‘gel’ with, and if a different personality is a better fit, then we’re happy to make that change. 

Get in touch to find out more, or to get the ball rolling on a professional, friendly, and effective maths tutor in Sydney for your child. 


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